Since 2011 and for the foreseeable future, Pink Lotus has donated its earned funds from festivals and events to a non-profit community enterprise in Temple Cloud. In 2022 we were awarded several different types of funding of which one was funding from SSE who helped us to finally set up Temple Cloud Circus Community Interest Company.

Our intention is that Pink Lotus will be eventually set up as a charity, and will endeavor to offer holistic creative aerial circus experiences, natural sustainable regenerative treatments like massage and acupuncture, education, and healing solutions to underprivileged, homeless, or traumatized members of our communities.

We believe that creative activities and nurturing regenerative treatments can have a significant impact to address some of the suffering and dysfunction of today’s society. Our intention is to offer the same high-quality luxury service to those who can afford it, so that we can use this financial support for us to simultaneously offer funded, low-cost, inclusive, affordable, or free services to those who would significantly benefit. Our Bridge the Gap fund will be the fund that offers these services to those who would benefit.

Temple Cloud Circus is an Aerial Circus School & Training Space in Temple Cloud, South Bristol. It’s a registered Community Interest Company (CIC) – a business with a social purpose. Temple Cloud Circus CIC (Community Interest Company) was formed in 2022 after 12 years of being a non-profit and is supported by the work of Pink Lotus at Festivals. The hope and plan are that Pink Lotus will be set up as a Charity to deliver the well-being side of our mission, we are still in the process of developing and establishing our new training program.

Temple Cloud Circus and Bridge the Gap Homelessness massage program Funders:

  • Suze and Sebastian Pole from Earthsong Foundation – Funded us in 2022
  • Pink Lotus Massage Yurt at Festivals – Funded from 2011 continuously till now
  • Arts Council National Lottery Grant – Funded us in 2022
  • SSE School for Social Entrepreneurs – Funded us in 2022
  • Sovereign Housing – Funded us in 2022
  • Sport England – Funded us in 2022
  • Sustainable Health Courses – Funded from 2011 continuously till now
  • Cool Ventures – B&NES Recover Evolve and Grow business support program

In a nutshell, Temple Cloud Circus CIC offers creative circus classes to Everyone, this includes a rich community of neurodiverse individuals. We specialize in using circus as a form of therapeutic expression. Our busiest adult classes are Aerial Circus Therapy, which uses aerial circus for well-being and creative expression.

Temple Cloud Circus aims and Objectives.

  • To offer accessible holistic aerial circus classes.
  • To use the circus in a way that is creative and therapeutic.
  • To develop Aerial Circus Therapy as a healing art form.
  • To make the circus accessible and fun for everyone including disabled & neurodiverse members.
  • To curate shows as healing tools for mental health and well-being.

Now that Temple Cloud Circus premises is self-sufficient and does not require so much support from Pink lotus, Pink Lotus can focus on some other new areas….

Free massage to people affected by homelessness starting February 2023 with BHP (Bristol Homelessness Project). Inspired by the blue sky activity on the Social School for Entrupenures (SSE) course, the inspiration came to offer our luxury spa services to people who really need them. Our aim is to alleviate suffering. Discovering the root cause of this can be a deep process that can take a lifetime, especially if we are to tackle all the taboo intergenerational trauma, world poverty, inhuman & immoral unkind behaviors that cause trauma and suffering. Although attempting to find solutions can feel like an enigma or labyrinth when on a much greater social, economic, and global scale…. simple personal solutions can emerge from self-care, human touch, and a lovely aromatherapy massage. Taking steps to help the body relax, and start to release some of the stored trauma so that the magic self-healing quality of life can start to flow.

Here at Pink Lotus, we are doing our best to contribute as much positive benefit to a beautiful world that can be brutally challenging to navigate.

Pink Lotus AimPink Lotus & Sustainable Health has the following aims.

  • To provide high-quality luxury bodywork holistic treatments in yurts at outdoor events & indoors.
  • To provide sustainable, regenerative, natural products to help people rebalance and restore health and well-being.
  • • To provide a comprehensive Ear Acupuncture and Sustainable Health training program.
  • • To create an of excellence for the study and practice of Ear Acupuncture and Sustainable Natural Medicine.
  • • To raise awareness of the positive health benefits of Ear Acupuncture and Sustainable Natural Medicine
  • • To integrate into society as many opportunities as possible for people who would significantly benefit from Ear Acupuncture and Natural Medicine.
  • • To provide a comprehensive understanding of the integration of natural health care into daily life.
  • • To provide a safe, healthy, and peaceful environment that fosters the development of all who are involved with the work.
  • • To provide educational material for professional and public use.

What we offer: 

  • Apothecary of Organic Herbs, Tincture, Essential Oils, Balms & Natural Medicine Products.
  • Emporium, Clothing, Jewellery, Trapeze Boots, and much more.
  • Pink lotus Sanctuary. Exquisite festival healing spaces.
  • Pink Lotus Creations. Beautiful Yurts, Pole Tents, Decor, and PA, Circus Equipment are available for hire at Festivals and Events.
  • Sustainable Health. Natural Medicine Treatments and Professional Training.
  • Temple Cloud Circus. Aerial Circus School & Training Space in Temple Cloud, South Bristol.